Partner Organizations

Major Partners

Major partners are critical Smart Grid stakeholder organizations that also participate on the GridWeek Advisory Board.  Comprised of utilities, regulators, environmentalists, trade organizations and government, this group of advisors ensures GridWeek’s agenda covers the most relevant and timely content.

Analyst Partners

Analyst partners play an important role in taking conference outcomes and dialogue and delivering it back to the industry. Helping to shape event dialogue, analyst partners often provide research, data, insights and speakers that fuel event conversation and propel industry progress.

Endorsing Partner Organizations

Endorsing partners are companies and organizations that have missions, goals, and objectives that align with the conference. They play a critical role in helping ensure the right stakeholders are in attendance to provide robust and lively dialogue.

Media Partners

Media partners help spread conference learnings and outcomes beyond the walls of the convention center to ensure the conversation needed to accelerate a smarter energy future continues. Media partners are often significant contributors to conference content .